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The Link Class Market Report keeps up to date with all the freshest seasonal produce available from Britain and the rest of the world.

JerseysVegtables in season

Try English Rainbow Chard, it’s in perfect condition at this time, as well as baby rainbow carrots! Indoor Jersey Royals are now available, as you can imagine they are expensive due to the supply of outdoor Royals being rather inconsistent due to the prolonged winter weather. That has affected supplier’s produce all through Europe. Consequently Yellow Peppers are not of the best quality as well as Savoy Cabbage and Leeks also prices have been pushed up due to the short supply. Moreover, Potatoes and French Beans are rather costly, due to their limited availability but they are progressively improving in quality. However, Cauliflower and Corn on the Cob has steadily enhanced over the last few weeks, with both products being full of flavor and looking first-class. Hispi (sweetheart cabbage) is currently exceptional, acquiring a fabulous crunchy texture and incredible flavor when quickly sautéed or boiled.


Forced RhubarbFruits in season

Forced rhubarb is of exquisite quality and is a favourite on many spring menus. It is a must for us traditionalists and even for the more contemporary new recipes as it offers a new turn on an old classic, although the price has been forced up due to the current weather conditions. The quality of Melons is far healthier than it previously was, as well as Red Apples, Limes, and Conference Pears. Golden Plums are still around but get in there soon as their season is coming to a close. Strawberries are not at their peak but we will see them enhance rapidly in the next few months, furthermore Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries are in first-rate quality.

Salads in season

Peppers and Lettuce have been of a below par standard recently but will improve in both supply and quality as we see the back of winter and these snowy times. More importantly we have seen a fall in price across all salads, both yellow and coloured Tomatoes have arrived in full flow with quality increasingly enhancing. Micro herbs and Cress are in excellent condition this spring showing a variety of selection, which will only enhance as we move closer to the summer months. Micro herbs are specially selected for their unique flavor, texture and visual impact; they are particularly useful if you are looking to add zest to your salads or as a garnish.


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